Disk Information utility

Recently I have discovered this little and cool utility, similar to df but with some extra features and a bit clear output. The utility is di, the disk information.

From the man pages…

di displays usage information on mounted filesystems. Block values are reported in megabytes (1024k bytes) by default, but may be changed. If file is specified, the usage information for the partition on which file is located is printed.

As usual, to install the utility emerge the package…

emerge di

For a basic usage simply type…

kranpak root # di
Filesystem Mount Megs Used Avail %used fs Type
/dev/hda1 / 4102.4 202.9 3899.4 5% reiserfs
tmpfs /dev/shm 376.7 0.0 376.7 0% tmpfs
/dev/hda3 /home 3106.2 1362.5 1743.7 44% reiserfs
tmpfs /mnt/.init.d 2.0 0.0 2.0 1% tmpfs
/dev/hda8 /tmp 2102.2 34.6 2067.6 2% reiserfs
/dev/hda2 /usr 5106.4 3246.0 1860.4 64% reiserfs
/dev/hda5 /var 6000.6 2621.8 3378.9 44% reiserfs

The first thing here is that, as opposed to df you have the info regarding your filesystem type at first sight (compare this with df -t reiserfs).

Here are some of the switches a like:

-s [ s|n|r ], output sorted/unsorted/reversed
-t, print totals
-A, print all fields

There are a lot more switches (i.e. to format the output -very nice), so take a look at man pages. As part of the packages you’ll find the mi utility that will display info on the mounted filesystem (man mi).

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