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OpenSSH: simplifying logins

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

OpenSSH provides a per-user configuration file usually located in ~/.ssh/config. This file can help ease your life as Sysadmin. Let’s say that you frequently connect to a server in this way:


With OpenSSH there is an easy way to do the job. Edit or create a config file:

vi ~/.ssh/config

and then add the following:

Host servername
     User admin

Where Host is the alias for the remote server you want to connect to, HostName is the full name of the remote server and User is the login name.


OpenSSH and OpenBSD’s financial troubles

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

The OpenBSD project is requesting help to surpass its financial difficulties. As you probably know, the development team of OpenBSD is also in charge of the development of OpenSSH. Could these economic problems put in danger the continuity of OpenSSH, an essential tool for Sysadmins like you? While all this happens, the big companies (Cisco, IBM, RedHat, etc etc etc) that take advantage of the work done in OpenSSH for free are in silence. And what about you? What will you do without OpenSSH?